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Designers and architects love the tropical look of thatch roofing materials for canopies, roof systems, umbrellas, overhangs and other shade solutions. Most natural thatch, made from palms or reeds, lasts three to five years and then requires replacement.

For a long-term solution, synthetic palm and reed thatch varieties offer the durability businesses demand with the beauty of the natural product. BYXS Commercial offers synthetic thatch solutions that mimic the real thing. Our high-quality products are designed to work as hard as your business and stand the test of time, year after year.

BYXS Commercial is pleased to offer a range of services specifically for businesses. We offer building materials, installation, design, fabrication, take-offs and other services to zoos, restaurants, designers, architects, the hospitality industry and more. If you need to create a tropical environment at your company, we can advise you and provide you with materials for your project.

Why Buy Artificial Thatch?

Artificial thatch made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) a 100% recyclable thermoplastic polymer with a high strength-to-density ratio. HDPE is corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. It will not attract pests or birds and will not shed, rot or mold, allowing businesses to avoid some of the more common concerns they may have with natural materials.

While natural thatch requires a covered and protected environment and is best for hot, dry climates and the indoors, artificial products like this synthetic thatch are 100% weatherproof and often waterproof. They can be used on roof systems with a subroof or outdoor area with shade structures such as canopies, umbrellas and overhangs.

HDPE thatch is also easy to install and very flexible. It can be used on overhangs, roofs, umbrellas, palapas and more. It can be used indoors and outdoors and will resist fading and discoloration. Since it comes in panels, it takes no more effort to install than standard roofing shingles yet lasts longer than natural thatching.

Synthetic Reed Thatch

Ranging in colors from brown to beige, ViroReed thatch panels are designed with a natural color gradation to look impressively realistic. This thatch also comes with a ten-year warranty against fading and failure.

ViroReed comes in regular, starter and eave panels. The panels are thick to create a lush tropical roof. If your project involves umbrellas, we also offer top cones. Both non-fire-rated and fire-rated options are available with artificial reed thatch.

Synthetic Palm Thatch

Viro Java is also as simple to install and creates a natural palm-leaf cover with color graduations and natural movement in the wind. Colors include yellow, beige and ochre in panel sizes of 31″ x 22″. Like the synthetic reed, this quality material comes with a 10-year warranty against product failure and fading, allowing you to create an outdoor tropical area without worrying about the sun.

If you’re looking for natural or synthetic thatch for sale, contact BYXS Commercial to ask for a free estimate or sample. Have questions about your project? Get in touch with our team at 877.625.9001. We are happy to help.