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Artificial Thatch

Thatch roofing has been used for centuries. Today, it’s a popular choice in commercial spaces where the aesthetic is natural or tropical. A natural feel doesn’t always require natural materials — many resorts, spas, zoos, restaurants and other commercial spaces are using artificial thatch to achieve the look they want with less maintenance and a longer life span.

Why Choose Artificial Thatch?

Artificial thatch is ideal when you want to give your commercial space a timeless, tropical touch without committing to the maintenance that comes with natural materials. While artificial thatch looks authentic, it’s made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that maintains its appearance for more time with less effort.

Beyond looks, some of the benefits of artificial thatch include:

  • Longevity: Since it’s made with HDPE, artificial thatch has a longer life span than natural materials. HDPE is resistant to damage from sun, rain and pests, so it will look better for longer.
  • Low maintenance needs: Synthetic or artificial thatch doesn’t need extensive care, saving you money on labor and materials.
  • Variety: Artificial thatch allows you to get the look you want year-round, regardless of growing season or the climate in your area. From straight African Cape Reed thatch to the naturally frayed look of Mexican palm leaves, you have plenty of options to choose from.
  • Environmental friendliness: Thatch doesn’t need to be natural to offer environmental benefits. Artificial thatch lasts longer than natural thatch. A longer life span translates to fewer replacement deliveries and a lower carbon footprint. When artificial thatch does wear out or you’re ready to replace it with something new, the HDPE material is 100% recyclable.

Types of Artificial Thatch

BYXS Commercial offers two varieties of artificial thatch — Viro Java and ViroReed. The right choice for your business will depend on the look you have in mind for your space. Both varieties are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Learn more about both types of thatch, and contact our expert team if you’re still unsure which to choose.

Viro Java Artificial Thatch

Viro Java is made to simulate the popular Mexican and South Pacific Balinese-styled thatch. You can find these natural thatch coverings on tropical islands around the world. Viro Java offers a similar look, from the rough finish to the brown and honey-toned strands that make up its textured surface. We offer synthetic Viro Java top cones and panels for roofs and umbrellas to help you create a cohesive space.

ViroReed Artificial Thatch

ViroReed thatch is modeled after natural African Cape Reed thatch. The straighter strands offer a more structured, architectural look. Panels come in brown, beige and ochre tones, with strands varying in color for a natural appearance. Complete your design with starter panels, artificial eaves and umbrellas.

See the Benefits of Artificial Thatch Firsthand

Looking for artificial thatch to bring your vision for your commercial space to life? Turn to BYXS Commercial. You can reach out to our team if you have any questions, or request a material sample to help you see the difference for yourself.