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Bamboo > Natural Bamboo

  • [06 11 23] Tre-Gai Bamboo – Natural, Sanded Finished and Split
  • [06 62 00] Tamvong Solid Bamboo – Natural, Sanded Finished and Split
  • [06 62 00] Bamboo Slats

Bamboo > Synthetic Bamboo

  • [06 65 00] Faux Bamboo Poles

Matting & Boards > Natural Boards

  • [06 20 00] Woven Bamboo Plywood
  • [06 20 00] Carbonized Bamboo Board
  • [09 74 00] Tambor Paneling
  • [09 74 00] Bac-Bac Mat
  • [09 74 00] Luahala Mat

Mats > Synthetic Matting

  • [09 74 39] ViroSurface Herringbone Weave
  • [09 74 39] ViroSurface Bandeau Weave
  • [09 74 39] ViroSurface Bandeau Weave

Eucalyptus Poles

  • [06 11 33] Eucalyptus Poles

Thatch > Artificial Thatch

  • [07 33 22.03] Viro Thatch Reed – Layered
  • [07 33 21.03] Viro Thatch Palm – Layered
  • [07 33 21.01] Viro Thatch Palm – Subroof Java
  • [07 33 22.01] Viro Thatch Reed – Subroof


As a contractor, architect, designer or another construction professional, you want to help bring you and your client’s visions to life. If those project visions include tropical theming, allow BYXS Commercial to be your partner in sourcing the high-quality materials you need. We can provide you with service you need to make an excellent impression on your clients.

Our Benefits

We make your job easier. At BYXS Commercial, we offer quantity take-offs to make your estimates easier to compile, a selection of quality materials and products, and specialty products sourcing. Our experienced team can assist with advice, best practices and full product details. We give you the behind-the-scenes support and the information you need to service your clients.

We bring you the best products possible. Our dedicated focus on quality tropical building materials means you won’t find a more varied inventory in this area or a more experienced team. We carefully look for and source the best products on the market and we stand behind them. Our team of installers learns continuously about the latest installation techniques to ensure we can help you with the advice and service you deserve.

We offer natural tropical products made from African reed, bamboo, Mexican palm and other natural materials which offer the most authentic look and experience but which can be treated for fire rating. For more eco-friendly options, we also offer synthetic thatching and other synthetic building products made from long-lasting and 100% recyclable materials that resist rot, mold, pests and mildew.

Our responsive team is there when you have questions or need assistance in customization or sourcing. BYXS Commercial offers turn-key service so you can rely on us for installation, value engineering, logistics, fabrication, fire-retarding solutions and more.

Real Solutions

Your clients want solutions. They turn to you to help them make the most of a space and to create a tropical environment. Whether you’re working with businesses in the hospitality industry or have taken on projects in a zoo, theme park, hotel or restaurant, BYXS Commercial can help you bring your clients’ tropical vision to life.

Industry leaders, including Universal Studios, Disney, Sandals Resorts, Marriott and other major companies, have already turned to BYXS Commercial for industry-leading quality products and services. Amusement parks, zoos and other hospitality brands trust BYXS Commercial to help them create authentic tropical spaces, indoors and out.

We offer everything from tropical rolled bamboo fencing to thatching, shade structures, natural and synthetic bamboo and more. From floors to ceilings to outdoor spaces and everything in between, we can help you transform a space of any size into a tropical paradise. You can make your vision into reality with us. If you need help, just reach out to a BYXS Commercial rep for fast and expert help.

BYXS Commercial has offices in both Florida and California and we work with building, construction, design and architecture professionals across the country. No matter how big and complex your project, contact a BYXS Commercial for assistance today. You can always get a free estimate or sample. Call us at 877.625.9001.