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Bamboo Building Materials

If your project involves creating an authentic-looking tropical environment, your guests and customers are likely expecting bamboo. This sustainable evergreen plant is highly flexible for a number of applications both outdoors and indoors.

BYXS Commercial offers a range of bamboo building materials, available to purchase in bulk, for your next big project. Whether you are building or renovating, our quality natural wholesale bamboo can help you decorate or build the structures you need. Our extensive B2B background includes partnering with zoos, resorts, restaurants, spas and other businesses, so our technically experienced team has worked in the commercial marketplace and is already familiar with code compliance and other business concerns. Our service solutions include installation, fabrication, design assistance and more.

Solid Bamboo

BYXS Commercial offers solid Tam Vong bamboo, which is the strongest species available and is in fact a product with a greater tensile strength than steel. For commercial applications, this species of solid bamboo is ideal because it will not split even when exposed to heat and the elements, the way lower-quality and residential-grade bamboo can.

Ideal for fencing, trim, ceilings, rails, fixtures, wall cladding, posts and other uses indoors and outdoors, solid bamboo from BYXS Commercial is available in lengths of 6’ to 14’ and diameters ranging from 3/4″ to 2.5″ and with the fire rating you need.

Tre-Gai Bamboo

The Tre-Gai species of bamboo is known for its visual beauty, uniform appearance and its larger size. The wall thickness of this species is up to 95% of the overall pole, so this bamboo can be used for support columns both indoors and outdoors. The BYXS Commercial team can help you ensure your bamboo meets the fire rating requirements for your applications. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Tonkin Bamboo Poles

The Tonkin species of bamboo is lightweight and comes in shades ranging from light honey to dark brown, which is why it is often used for decorative applications indoors. It is also freer of exceptions and imperfections when compared with other species.

BYXS Commercial offers both split and full round lengths of up to 5” and 16’. We can also work with you to achieve the fire rating you need.

Guadua Bamboo Poles

The Guadua species is attractive and sturdy, making it ideal for supports, furniture and a variety of uses indoor and outdoor. It can meet the International Building Code (IBC), required fire ratings and environmental regulations. This species has more nodes, which some designers prefer, and is available in diameters of 7 inches. BYXS Commercial may help you special order even thicker diameters as well.

Bamboo Slats

Slats from BYXS Commercial are made from the Tonkin, making them very durable. Carefully milled, these slats have a uniform appearance so they can be used for interior and exterior walls, trim, moldings, wainscoting and ceilings.

Bamboo Tambour Paneling

For this paneling, thin but durable strips of the outdoor part of bamboo are attached to a mesh backing. This paneling is sturdy enough for heavy customer traffic yet easy to install, even on curved surfaces. Installation is quick with pin nails and a chemical adhesive and a variety of looks are possible with different finishes and colors.

If you’re looking for commercial bamboo building material and quality take-off services, installation, design solutions, fabrication and more, contact BYXS Commercial for a free estimate or samples. If you have any questions, call our team at 877.625.9001.