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Eucalyptus Fencing and Screening

Eucalyptus is a hardwood that naturally grows without tapering. Its desired in commercial applications since its physical qualities make it structurally sound in various projects.

BYXS Commercial has eucalyptus screening to give the environment a tropical theme. Our natural product is ready for any fencing or screening project required. Learn more about eucalyptus fence and fencing from our representatives.

Eucalyptus fences can be used indoors or outdoors for cladding and decorative use. BYXS Commercial offers natural and pressure-washed as well as finished options. The colors range from light brown to dark brown to a unique silver tone. Businesses can also opt for a rope-lashed look. Our eucalyptus fencing comes in panels for easy installation.

Features of Eucalyptus Screening

Our eucalyptus rustic fencing is made from natural eucalyptus, which gives the environment an authentic appearance. Within each panel, the eucalyptus poles are placed anywhere from less than 4 inches to greater than 8 inches apart to meet pole spacing codes and standards. All the hardware and required poles are galvanized.

BYXS Commercial can help you achieve a Class A Fire rating if needed. Our representatives will review your application and product finishes to decide which solution works best for your final assembly. The Class A Fire rating comes with a certification stating the treatment, volume and type of coverage, project name and ownership information.

The eucalyptus screening has also been fumigated. We can provide documentation for your project if required.

Eucalyptus Fencing Styles

Our eucalyptus fencing is available in screening, rustic, rolled, tribal and custom styles. Each style brings a unique look so choose the aesthetic that best suits your environment.

Product Options for Eucalyptus Fencing

This rustic fencing has several product options available. Most of our rustic eucalyptus fencing is light brown with variations in color due to environmental factors. Other color options include whitewashing, dark brown stained or pressure-washed to give the eucalyptus a silver-beige appearance.

Eucalyptus screening is available in standard and custom-size panels. Standard sheet dimensions include the following:

  • 4 feet x 6 feet
  • 4 feet x 8 feet
  • 6 feet x 6 feet
  • 6 feet x 8 feet
  • 8 feet x 8 feet

Another product option is rope lashing, a decorative rope intertwined on the post connecting the eucalyptus pieces.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Fencing

Eucalyptus is a sustainable and versatile material for fencing, screening and other applications. Its qualities as a hardwood type make eucalyptus a good structural material for fences or any interior and exterior application. The variations in the eucalyptus poles give the fencing an authentic appearance. Our representatives can discuss how to extend the product’s life or alter its appearance.

Where to Use Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing

Eucalyptus fence and fencing perform well in exterior applications in varied climates. This product is also suitable for interior applications. Eucalyptus screening can act as fencing, screening, wall and ceiling cladding, dividers, crowd control and more.

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Get eucalyptus fence and fencing from BYXS Commercial for your project. We offer quantity take-offs to make it easier to compile your estimates. We can also provide any technical support needed to best serve your project. With bicoastal distribution centers in Florida and Southern California, BYXS Commercial can deliver your materials to you quickly.

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