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Recent Projects

Eucalyptus ceiling treatments are rapidly becoming one of our most popular type of projects. With Eucalyptus (and bamboo) ceiling panels, we have the opportunity to take a bland ceiling and transform it into something that brings depth and character to any room.  In this luxury residence, the client wanted to bring natural wood into a static drywall area. It made this otherwise typical room outstanding! Not only do the eucalyptus provide a cohesive transition from the outdoor space, but integrating the reclaimed ceiling beams gives the entire space an anchor and sense of strength.  We chose to run the eucalyptus poles towards the window wall (although running the other direction would have made the room appear to be longer) to draw your eye across the lines and straight to the water’s edge of this picturesque view. This ceiling treatment not only introduces soft organic colors and shapes but perfectly complements this otherwise very contemporary design. We are so proud of how well the project turned out!