7 Decoration Tips to Help Your Hotel Stand Out to Prospective Guests

7 Decoration Tips to Help Your Hotel Stand Out to Prospective GuestsDesigning your hotel involves using innovative decorative strategies to rise above the challenges the hospitality industry faces regularly. When clients visit your hotel, they expect a unique experience that provides them with a break from their everyday lives. With luxury hotels and Airbnb rentals on the rise in your local area, you may want to consider how to attract more prospective hotel guests.

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How to Decorate a Commercial Interior With Tropical Décor

How to Decorate a Commercial Interior With Tropical Décor

A tropical-themed room design promotes a fun, relaxing atmosphere for a restaurant, hotel, zoo or waterpark. If you’re designing an island aesthetic for an interior commercial space, you’ll need to figure out how to use tropical décor inside. Whether you’re on the beach or in a snowy mountainous region, you can bring a tropical design to your site.

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Design Tips for Creating Tropical Commercial Spaces

A tropical theme in a commercial space can help lighten the mood and make employees and visitors feel like they’re on an island vacation. When you design the property with bold colors and colorful leaf motifs, you allow all who enter to remember that they can enjoy their everyday life without taking an exotic trip. Whether you’re in charge of planning a restaurant, amusement park, hotel or office, you may want to incorporate tropical designs into a commercial space. These tropical work atmosphere design tips can help you start your plan.

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Tropical Outdoor Dining Ideas for Restaurants

Tropical Decor Dining Ideas for Restaurants

There’s something refreshing about sitting outside in the fresh air and dining with friends and family. As a restaurant owner, you have the ability to give that experience to your customers. For a fun or luxurious outdoor dining experience, consider going tropical. Whether you’re undergoing construction of a new restaurant, creating a new outdoor space or revamping your current area, a tropical theme can be inviting and relaxing.

Dreaming up the perfect tropical outdoor dining ideas will take a bit of thought, but it’s all worth it. Discover how to create an outdoor dining space and how to set up an exterior dining area below.

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Top 5 Uses for Eucalyptus Poles

Top Uses for Eucalyptus Poles

Eucalyptus poles are great for many projects due to their durability and unique appearance. Unlike many timbers, eucalyptus poles are a hardwood that grows naturally with little tapering over their length. As such, eucalyptus poles are highly desirable for commercial applications.

Frequently substituted for pressure-treated pine, eucalyptus poles have simple yet distinct features that enhance traditional settings and themed environments. These poles can be used for structural columns, and the natural appearance of these poles allows them to be project-ready without additional finishing. For architects, designers and property managers, we have compiled this guide on the top uses for eucalyptus poles.
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