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Many businesses need shade structures for guests. These are important features of spas, cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts and other businesses where customers may be spending time outdoors. Shade keeps guests and customers cool, comfortable and safe from the sun. It can create comfortable seating and rest areas.

Thatch umbrellas are an especially popular shade option because they can cool temperatures by up to 18 degrees when compared with direct sun. Thatch umbrellas look beautifully tropical and in the wind they can create a relaxing rustling noise.

Thatch umbrellas have a rich, luxurious look which makes them incredibly unique when compared with fabric models. Use this tropical style to amaze your customers and capture their loyalty for years to come.

BYXS Commercial

BYXS Commercial offers both authentic natural thatch umbrellas and modern synthetic varieties. We cater exclusively to businesses such as resorts, restaurants, zoos and to professionals such as architects, so we understand the needs of companies. We offer the services you need, including design assistance, fabrication, take-offs, technical assistance, installation and more.

If you need your umbrellas to meet fire rating requirements, we have solutions. You can always work with us to get the materials you need for full compliance and to meet your business requirements. At BYXS Commercial, we help you find tropical building supplies that offer you the flexibility and performance you need to make your business look its best.

Synthetic or Natural?

If your designer or architect prefers the look of natural thatch umbrellas, we have African reed and palm available. With a little caution, they can last a few years. They are best in dry, hot climates and for indoor and outdoor applications where no direct exposure to the elements is possible. In the sun, the umbrellas will fade over time, although some designers and architects feel this offers a natural and authentic beachy look.

Synthetic thatch umbrellas can last longer and are recyclable. Some businesses like them because they are an eco-conscious option made with food-safe dyes. Our quality synthetic thatch umbrellas closely mimic the look of palm and reed, with some color gradation. They are designed not to fade and both are available with top cones, too.

Our synthetic thatch umbrellas are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a 100% recyclable material. The umbrella thatch comes with a 30-year warranty against UV fading and wind. The material is water-resistant and will not attract pests.

The Look

BYXS Commercial offers both African reed and palm umbrellas. Reed varieties are tubular while the palms create a casual shaggy look. Both are available in 7′, 9′, 11′ and 16′ sizes and would look good with pine poles, bamboo poles or eucalyptus poles.

BYXS Commercial can help you find the right thatch umbrellas for sale for your business. Get a free estimate or sample today to find out how we can create the environment you need to attract customers or guests. If you have questions, you can also contact a rep at 877.625.9001.