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BYXS Commercial has one of the widest ranges of natural screening and fencing for businesses and professionals such as architects and designers. Our screens and fencing offer privacy and authenticity to any business decorated with a tropical themed environment, including zoos, resorts, theme parks and, restaurants.

Decorative screening and fencing help you achieve a tribal, relaxed or rustic look. With our services, including fabrication, design, installation and take-offs, we help your business achieve the look you want.

Solid Bamboo Fencing

Available in shades ranging from brown to pale beige, our fencing panels meet all mandatory pole spacing codes and include hardware where needed. BYXS Commercial can also customize the look and find fire rating solutions where needed. Our quality bamboo fencing is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use and will work for cladding, a screen, crowd control and other applications.

Eucalyptus Fencing

Eucalyptus fences can be used indoors or outdoors for cladding and decorative use. BYXS Commercial offers natural and pressure-washed as well as finished options. The colors range from light brown to dark brown to a unique silver tone. Businesses can also opt for a rope-lashed look. Our eucalyptus fencing comes in panels for easy installation.

Reed Fencing

Our reed fence sheets are made from freshwater river weed, with the reeds held together with wire. This light fence is ideal for privacy screening, room screens, construction barriers, ceilings, walls and wainscoting. This fence can be whitewashed or stained, and it comes in warm honey or speckled beige.

Reed fencing is ideal for the indoors and for protected outdoor spaces. If your fencing or screen needs to meet fire rating requirements, BYXS Commercial can help with a variety of solutions.

Delta River Fencing

Large Delta River poles have knots and swirls as well as larger diameters of up to 3.5 inches, ideal for spaced-out fencing with a rustic appearance. You can choose poles of equal lengths or choose a variety for a more natural look. Poles are up to eight feet in height.

When it comes to tropical fencing, Delta River poles are unique and you can easily customize them with stains or with teak oil or wax. These large poles are ideal for applications where you want customers to see inside or where you need some visibility. They work as handrails and as retail fixtures as well as fencing.

Tonkin Bamboo Fencing

Best for hot and dry climates, Tonkin bamboo fences have a classic tropical appearance. This type of bamboo is especially prized for its warm honey color, but dark brown shades are also available.

Tonkin bamboo fences are thin-walled and best-suited for decorative fencing and shade. They are available in round and split varieties and are lightweight enough to be used for ceilings, walls, wainscoting and other interior and exterior uses.

Willow Fencing

Willow fencing is made from freshwater willow and is assembled into rolls with the use of thin wire. With a deep brown color, this fence is lightweight and sturdy, making it ideal for cladding, room dividers, privacy screens, ceilings, construction fencing and more.

BYXS Commercial can help you choose from our selection of decorative fencing for sale. We also offer a range of services designed to help your company create the right ambiance. To find out how we can help, get a free estimate or sample. You can also call us at 877.625.9001.