Tropical Building Materials

When your resort, restaurant, hotel or other commercial space requires quality products to create beautiful tropical environments, tropical themed materials such as the following from BYXS Commercial offer innovative, high-quality solutions:

  • Artificial thatch: We offer both traditional palm and African reed options. Viroreed and Viro Java are made of HDPE, a 100% recyclable material that does not shed, decay or grow mold. Both are maintenance-free and install as simply as roofing shingle.
  • Natural thatchFor a more authentic look, we also offer fire-rated natural thatch, including African Reed thatch, Mexican Palm thatch and Tahitian thatch.
  • Fencing and screening: Our fencing tropical-themed materials include solid bamboo fencing, eucalyptus fencing, reed fencing, delta river fencing, Tonkin bamboo fencing and willow fencing, allowing for a range of applications.
  • Synthetic matting: If you’re looking for tropical themed materials that have an authentic appearance but have a longer, maintenance-free lifespan, our synthetic matting may just be the solution. You can choose from a variety of weaves that Virosurface offers, such as herringbone weave, bandeau weave and basket weave. These Virosurface options are made from HDPE and are resistant to decay and mold while meeting fire codes and the demands of high-traffic environments.
  • Natural matting and boards: BYXS Commercial also offers natural matting for your hotel, theme park or zoo. Choose from traditional and authentic Bac Bac matting, made from banana leaves, or Lauhala matting, made from premium Hala leaves. For a more rigid yet still-flexible option, woven bamboo plywood is also available.
  • Bamboo: In building from scratch, our selection of quality bamboo is ideal for trim, batton, wainscotting, cladding and many other interior and exterior applications. Choose from solid bamboo, Tre-Gai bamboo, Tonkin bamboo poles, Guadua bamboo poles, bamboo slats and bamboo tambour paneling.
  • Eucalyptus poles: BYXS Commercial also offers pressure treated Eucalyptus poles These poles and beams are highly desirable for commercial applications because eucalyptus, classified as a hardwood, grows naturally without much tapering. It’s a great option for structural beams and columns, yet its natural appearance makes it project-ready and eliminates the need for additional finishing.
  • Umbrella kits: Our natural and synthetic umbrella kits include tubular reed and shaggy palm styles, which are popular at many resorts, spas and restaurants. We can help you determine which kits are passable should you require Class A fire rating. Umbrellas range in size from 7’ to 16’ and are appropriate for exterior spaces.
  • VIRO domes: A creative and unique solution for shade structures and revenue producing spaces, is the VIRO Dome. A freestanding, static or temporary woven structure intended to be used as a fresh alternative to tents, umbrellas, cabanas and other shade structures. The VIRO Dome is made woven HDPE and schedule 40 aluminum and can be purchased in Class A Fire Rated or non-fire-rated versions. The size, style, weave and color can all be customized to meet the needs and uniqueness of your project.

Working With BYXS Commercial

When you work with BYXS Commercial, you’ll gain access to quality products that capture the essence of tropically themed environments. We have worked with zoos, resorts, theme parks and restaurants, and we’re ready to deliver the high-quality materials your project needs. We offer take-off services, and our responsive team will help you stay on track and on schedule with fast turnaround times and exceptional service.

To get started, reach out to us for a free estimate or request a sample of our tropical resort building materials online. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help — just give us a call at 877.625.9001.