Willow Fencing


Willow fencing, durable, lightweight and, boasting a rich brown appearance is an ideal product selection whether rustic charm or contemporary appeal is the design intent. Constructed of individual freshwater willow’s and fastened by a thin, discrete wire, willow fencing is ideal for wall and ceiling coverings, column cladding, privacy screening and is an excellent substitution for unsightly construction fencing. Easy to install…Willow Fencing can be easily secured to vertical and horizontal posts by utilizing the wire and fastening with an electrical staple. Overhead applications can be secured with pin nails directly through the willow and wire connection.


Colors will vary slightly based on environmental factors


Products available in rolls


BYXS Commercial offers several solutions to achieve Class-A Fire rating and will discuss your application and product finishes to determine which solution integrates best with the finished assembly. All Class-A Fire Ratings are accompanied by proper documentation to certify that the product that has been treated correctly. This certificate will include the volume and type of coverage, project name and ownership information, thus taking the guesswork of being “passable” out of the equation.


Best suited for interior applications or exterior applications covered and clear of direct exposure to the elements. Speak with your BYXS Commercial Rep to discuss the many ways that you can extend the life of the product and alter the appearance.


Sheets: 6′ x 16′


Interior or Exterior
Construction and privacy fencing, wall and ceiling coverings, cabinet inlay, wrapping columns, framed room divider/infill.


Yes. Contact your BYXS Commercial Rep for documentation for your project.