Solid Bamboo


Known as “Iron Bamboo,” Tam Vong is the strongest species of bamboo available. Tam Vong solid bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel, making it an ideal selection for exterior as well as interior applications. The density of Tam Vong’s thick walls resists splitting from heat and the elements as commonly associated with other varieties of bamboo.


Solid Natural Bamboo: Honey/Tan

Sanded and Finished Bamboo: Brown, caramel, honey

Colors will vary slightly based on harvesting.

Naturally straight versus milled.

Product Options

  • Solid, natural bamboo
  • Solid, sanded and finished bamboo (sanded with a light coat of polyurethane)
  • Split/half round, solid natural bamboo
  • Split/half round, solid, sanded and finished bamboo (sanded with a light coat of polyurethane)

Fire Protection

BYXS Commercial offers several solutions to achieve a Class-A Fire Rating. Our team can assist in evaluating your application and product finishes to help recommend the ideal solution for your project. All Class-A Fire Ratings are accompanied by proper documentation to certify that the product has been treated correctly. This certificate will include the volume of material covered, project name and ownership information, thus taking the guesswork of being “passable” out of the equation.


Solid bamboo performs well in hot, dry and damp climates. Speak with your BYXS Commercial Rep to discuss the many ways you can extend the life of this product.


  • Diameters: Average 1 1/2″
  • Lengths: 8′, 10′, and 12′


interior and exterior

wall cladding, ceiling coffers, wainscoting, fencing, finished millwork, batons/purlins, trim, fencing, casing, retail fixtures and handrails.

Benefits of Solid Bamboo Versus Thin Walled Bamboo Poles

  • Solid bamboo poles are robust similar to typical building timbers which allows the poles to accept screws and nails with nominal cracking or splitting, if any at all.
  • Wall thickness of solid bamboo is between 55% and 99% of the diameter of the pole, providing structural durability and versatility.
  • In longer lengths, solid bamboo poles are slightly flexible.
  • Solid, Natural Bamboo can be sanded to then accept stain or paint to meet your project needs.

Benefits of Partnering With BYXS Commercial

BYXS Commercial is the experienced leader in tropical themed building materials. As the nation’s No. 1 themed material supplier, we stand out from the rest of the industry in a number of ways:

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  • Responsiveness: We pride ourselves on communication and being thorough; providing accurate pricing and submittal’s for all of your commercial projects. Our responsive technical team respects your time and deadlines
  • Availability: We strive to keep our inventory items in stock. Product availability is one of our top priorities. By partnering with BYXS commercial from the beginning bidding phases of your project, we are able to anticipate accurately, when and what your material needs are.
  • Bi-coastal distribution: We have distribution centers in California and Florida. Reducing time and cost’s to meet your project milestones and budget.
  • Project support: We understand our materials. Both the abilities and the limitations. We’re a partner on your projects and here to help whether it be design assist, product selection, installation, value engineering or alternates. We have solutions for your project material challenges.

Our construction experts understand the work that goes into commercial design and construction. We believe that every project is doable — even if other’s have told you its impossible.

Take-Off Services Available

BYXS Commercial supports your project success by providing material and cost take-off’s. Attach your plans and design documents in your estimate request. Or, simply send a link to the plan room.

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