Tonkin Bamboo Poles


Tonkin bamboo is easy to work with and is available in a number of colors choices. The most common is a beautiful “even” honey appearance throughout the poles, and compared to other bamboo species, has the least amount of variations or scaring. The Natural Black Tonkin bamboo is a dark richer color option, that is more unique than the traditional “golden” color that is most often recognized. Compared to other bamboo, Tonkin is light weight making it ideal for overhead applications. Although available in larger diameters, this species of bamboo is thin walled. Performance of Tonkin is best when used outside of heavy guest contact areas and is widely used for exterior and interior applications.


  • Natural: Honey/Tan
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Speckled

Colors will vary slightly based on harvesting and finish.
Naturally straight versus milled.


  • Full round
  • Split (excluding small diameters)


Backyard X-Scapes offers several solutions to achieve a Class-A Fire Rating. Our team can assist in evaluating the application and product finishes to help recommend the ideal solution for your project. All Class-A Fire Ratings are accompanied by proper documentation to certify that the product that has been treated correctly. This certificate will include the volume and type of coverage, project name and ownership information, thus taking the guesswork of being “passable” out of the equation.


Preforms well in hot and dry climates. Speak with your BYXS Commercial Rep to discuss the many ways that you can extend the life of the product.


  • Diameters: Ranging from 3/8″-5″
  • Lengths: Ranging 4′-16′

APPLICATIONS: Interior or Exterior

Casing, wall cladding, ceiling coffer’s, privacy fencing, batons/purlins, trim, retail fixtures, false ceiling beams


Yes. Contact your BXYS Commercial Rep for data sheets and pressure treating documentation.


Yes. Contact your BYXS Commercial Rep for documentation for your project.