Differences Between ViroSurface Synthetic vs. Natural Matting

Tropical matting is a versatile way to add a touch of design and texture to a space. The woven textures that tropical matting provides can be added to walls, tables and ceilings to pull the entire look together. This matting comes in many different textures and colors, but when it’s placed in a commercial space, there are also other factors that come into play when choosing a tropical mat material.

Are you looking to turn your commercial space into a tropical oasis? Read on to learn about the design and functionality of the different options of tropical matting to find what is best for your space, and your guests.

What Is ViroSurface Synthetic Thatch?

ViroSurface Synthetic Thatch is an option of tropical matting that is durable and made for high traffic areas. This synthetic mat option is crafted from heavy-duty materials that still resemble the aesthetic of natural matting. ViroSurface thatch is made out of high-density polyurethane (HDPE) to mimic bamboo, bark or leaves, depending on your desired look. This commercial synthetic thatch also has several weave options, which allows for more customization.

This matting is made for areas that will receive more wear and tear, which makes it a great option for commercial settings. In many instances, ViroSurface Synthetic Thatch is used in outdoor areas that will need to withstand weather elements — and it is made to do just that.

Other benefits of ViroSurface Synthetic Thatch include:

  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Fade-resistance.
  • Mildew and mold resistance.
  • Meets commercial sanitary codes and fire safety codes.

What Is Natural Matting?

Natural matting is made from natural bamboo, bark and leaves. This matting offers the look of real materials that were dried and woven into a beautiful tropical mat. Natural matting can be used in many areas and offers the versatility of design as well  — it can be woven into different patterns and also offers a range of colors. However, the colors may vary slightly on each piece since the final color also depends on the material’s original hue.

These mats offer a true tropical experience to any space. Natural matting has a variety of uses and can be placed on walls, ceilings, tiki bars and even tabletops. This matting provides the true texture of the natural materials and can turn any space into a tropical oasis.

What Is the Difference Between ViroSurface Synthetic Thatch and Natural Matting?

The differences between these two products are evident in their core materials. ViroSurface Synthetic matting is made out of durable materials that replicate the look of tropical matting. Due to the nature of these mats, they are much more durable. Artificial thatch matting allows for more design flexibility with a longer life expectancy. ViroSurface thatch can come in many different styles and colors based on your commercial needs.

Also, artificial thatch can be used in commercial areas where natural thatch might not be allowed. When choosing a commercial thatch, safety guidelines and regulations might need to be considered depending on the area. Artificial thatch is a great option if that is the case for you. It provides a safe and sanitary area for your guests, while also providing that tropical look.

On the other hand, commercial natural matting is made of dried bamboo, bark and leaves. Natural thatch is commonly used for protected, indoor decoration purposes as this matting is more vulnerable than an artificial matting option. A natural thatch has less design flexibility than a synthetic thatch as well. This option offers the beautiful colors of natural bark and bamboo for any space. Colors can be chosen, but there may not be as many options available as with artificial thatch.

If approved in your commercial space, natural thatch offers real texture and design to any space.

Here is a high-level overview of the two thatch options:

ViroSurface Synthetic Matting

  • Made from artificial materials to look like bamboo, bark and leaves
  • Made to withstand outdoor elements
  • Made to withstand higher traffic and usage
  • Available in different colors and weaving textures

Natural Matting 

  • Made from natural bamboo, bark and leaves
  • Available in different weaving textures
  • Offers a natural tropical environment
  • Colors can be limited, but you can still find beautiful options to choose from

How to Pick the Best Thatch for Your Commercial Applications

While both natural and synthetic thatches can be used in commercial settings, the best option for your location will depend on the functionality you desire to get out of your tropical matting. ViroSurface Synthetic matting is an artificial mat option that offers durability and versatility. This thatch is crafted from strong materials that are made to withstand elements and higher traffic, and it offers many benefits in a commercial setting.

Many commercial settings might not have the flexibility to have natural matting, due to fire and safety regulations, so synthetic matting is the perfect alternative. This matting is fire-resistant, mold-resistant and rot-resistant. It offers a higher level of sanitation as well. Artificial matting is great for areas that are cleaned regularly, as the materials are made to hold up for your commercial purpose.

Natural matting can also be an option when you are looking for a tropical mat for your commercial needs. It is most often used in areas that do not receive high amounts of traffic, or areas that are not exposed to the elements. Due to the natural bamboo materials, this matting has a shorter life expectancy than that of artificial matting when placed in areas of high wear and tear or in areas that are exposed to rain and wind.

Natural matting is a top pick for decoration purposes in areas that the natural materials can be protected and preserved. This matting is also chosen for areas that desire that natural, tropical element.

Ready to Design Your Commercial Space?

Designing a commercial space can be exciting, especially with a tropical theme in mind. Make sure you choose the best material for your commercial needs and regulations.

Whether you are looking to buy natural matting or synthetic thatch, we have the products for you. BYXS Commercial offers both ViroSurface Synthetic matting and natural matting for commercial spaces. Contact us today to get started on your tropical oasis!

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